Introducing the Douglass Mascot!

The Broncos Selected by FDHS Student Body

At the beginning of the first day of school, Frederick Douglass High School students filed into the gymnasium tasked with choosing the mascot that will represent FDHS for decades to come. Though sports teams have already referenced Stallions as their mascot, it didn’t appear on proposed list, which was a surprise to several students when punching their ticket. On the ballot: Racers, Thoroughbreds, Broncos, Mustangs, and The Stampede.

These horse themed mascots all pay homage to the hallowed grounds of Hamburg – land on which famous race horses like Alysheba, Pink Pigeon, and Triple Crown winner Sir Barton all galloped at some point in their respective careers. Frederick Douglass High School is built in Hamburg at the corner of Winchester Road and Sir Barton Way. The original Douglass High School was built on Price Road (off Georgetown Street). For 42 years from 1929 – 1971, Douglass High School donned the blue and gold and used the mascot Demons.

Douglass High School alumnus Alva Mitchell Clark on the naming of the new mascot said, “We are excited that our legacy will live on in this new facility and future generations will have the opportunity to rediscover our rich history. Broncos is a fitting selection, considering we are in the horse capital of the world.”

Principal Lester Diaz addressed the student body at 2:45pm on Wednesday to break the news – the Broncos are coming. And now its here to stay! Your Frederick Douglass Broncos will take on Danville at 8:15 on Saturday. See you there!